A Festival for
Ecological Culture
in Malmö

May 27 & 28, 2023
Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Nonhuman Nature
in Malmö

The objective of this festival is to look more deeply at nonhuman species (plants, fungi, animals, bacteria, and the rest) in Malmö and to better understand the market and state forces behind rapid extinction of species globally. Listening to, and looking to creatures around us, they can show us how these forces are at work here in the city.

Social Ecology

In this post-industrial city we can find that the myth of “man and nature” is baked into its harbors, roads, and buildings. Through Locally Alien we will explore how domination, extraction, and exploitation have come to define our relationship to nonhuman residents of the city.

Creative Connection

The festival will be composed of creative workshops, exhibitions, walks, and performances focused on the ecological culture of Malmö. Through the perspective of the city’s many different residents we might find new ways of relating to nonhuman ecology.

Get in Touch
If you have any questions about the event, want to volunteer to help out, or just want to say hello you can contact us at info@locallyalien.com
(or just click this button.)
This is a free event and The planning and organization of this festival relies almost entirely on voluntary work—Any Support is greatly appreciated!
You can Swish us +49704984292 or use this: