| May 27 | 14:00 – 16:00 |
How we can learn to think with urban trees

Welcome to share a picnic with one of the trees of Malmö. Sheltered by the canopy we will use embroidery to animate our imagination. Needles and threads will oscillate between the overground and the underground – unfolding hidden stories in the entanglements of roots and urbanity.

With this workshop we want to turn our attention towards the life of urban trees and how we can learn to think with them. Feel welcome to drop by and join our collective embroidery session, or just have a coffee and share your tree stories with us. At the start and end of the workshop we will read tales that bring us closer to the trees’ lives.

This workshop will be led by Studio Träda, an architecture collective with an interest in the non-humans we share our cities with, and a practice based in a field between architecture, art and storytelling. 


Studio Träda