impressions of seaweed

| May 27 | 14:00 – 16:00 |
Did you know the Öresund is home to 220 different species of seaweed? During this workshop we will delve into alternative perspectives on local seaweed.

We will begin with a group-led expedition around the shoreline at Scaniabadet. As we walk and notice, we will collect some washed-up seaweed and take it with us to STPLN. There, we will arrange the collected specimens to make cyanotype prints, a simple form of contact photography. Depending on the weather conditions we will expose the prints to UV light or sunlight. Anna will provide all instructions and material needed.

While the prints hang to dry, we will go over to a joint discussion about using natural materials like seaweed to make art. After the workshop you can take home reflections on the relationship between humans and seaweed, as well as your prints, and some gathered seaweed as e.g. plant fertilizer.

There are a limited number of spots for this event, if you’d like to sign up, register below:

impressions of seaweed

Anna Schröder