Unworlding through shapeshifting

| May 27 | 11:00 – 13:00 |
A journey through ecosomatic meditation and movement 

Unworlding is a term used by Jack Halberstam that refers to the unmaking of the mess humans have constructed as we navigate the climate crisis, political precarity, and social injustice. When we dismantle old ways of being, new ways can start to become visible. 

In this workshop we will loosen up our human form through a guided eco-somatic meditation, then slowly shapeshift into a non-human organism (insect, fungi, plant, etc). Shapeshifting is a practice that our ancestors have lived and embodied, shapeshifting into different animals for purposes of hunting, survival, spiritual practice, and healing. Can we allow ourselves as humans to shapeshift and deeply transform into the experiences of those who are constantly affected by our decisions and actions in how we build, destroy, exploit, and extract? Can we find pleasure in the unbecoming? 

After the meditation and short movement session, participants will be asked to form small groups and will be given questions on how empathizing with different organisms can inform their daily experiences in a human body.

Unworlding through shapeshifting

Alena Grahn