Collective Slow Water Walk

| May 28 | 14:00 – 15:00 |
Collective Water Walk with inspiration from butoh dance

The project is based on an intuitive process and dialogue hoping to inspire awareness about water, and the escalating situation with how we treat our Oceans, how we use freshwater, and the way we pollute the water on earth. It is a living-learning process at the same time as it is an art project, to grow and express a human identity that connects, sense, explore and expand in being creatures of water, a part of the hydrosphere. Interactivity and collaborations are a red thread, working with interactive performance, sound pieces, photo, film, and workshops.

We will gather close to Brygga 1, and walk hyper slow with direction to Brygga 2 at Ribersborgs beach. To walk collectively, hyper slowly creates a very strong state of presence and awareness of yourself and the surroundings.

I Still Live in Water, Felicia Konrad/Johan Haugen is an art project based on an art project based in an intuitive art project, hoping to inspire awareness about water. 

“We are all water in the same Ocean” Yoko Ono

Precious Balance Walk

Felicia Konrad + Johan Haugen