Organisms Democracy Baltic Sea

| May 28 | 13:00 – 15:00 |
Giving political voices to the Baltic Sea

Organism Democracy Baltic Sea imagines a future based on equal rights and coexistence of all living beings in and around the Baltic Sea.

Initiated and facilitated by the artists‘ group Club Real and NGO Organism Democracy e.V., partner institutions and communities from Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Germany develop cultural and political practices for the inclusion of all marine life. The MS Baltic Sea becomes an ambassador of the sea and connects the project-communities in a journey along the coasts of the Baltic.

As a part of the Locally Alien Festival, organizers of the Organisms Democracy of the Baltic Sea will be present  to answer questions about the project, and engage in conversation with visitors. It will provide an opportunity for anyone visiting the festival to share their ideas, concerns, or questions about the Organisms Democracy. 

This event is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.

Organisms Democracy Baltic Sea

Club Real + Feral Malmö