What is Locally Alien?

While walking down a busy street you see a tree planted along the curb. At a distance, it looks familiar, but when you get closer, you find that the leaves are a strange shape and the bark is discolored. You get home and have a drink of water but the taste isn’t quite what you remembered it to be. Outside your window, you hear a bird’s melody—or is it a machine’s? 

The rapid extinction of plants, animals, microbes, mosses, lichens, fungi, bacteria, and changes in the sea and climate globally, are felt everyday here in the city. They are felt in these shifts in the environment around us and even in our own bodies. Whether you have lived in the city for a day—or your whole life, the unsettling feeling of change in the wind, the water, and the soil, grows more apparent by the day. 

Locally Alien is an event that brings together designers, artists, and other creative projects to draw attention to the changes in the urban ecosystem that capitalism brutalizes, contaminates, and reorganizes daily. It is a program of events that look and listen to nonhumans in the city, to find what they might tell us about how the crisis of ecology and society in our city and in the world.

May 27 & 28
Exhibition open 10:00 – 20:00

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