Malmö: Fishwatching

| May 27 | 10:00 – 13:00 |
Fishwatching is a recreational fishing setup where you trick and capture fish on camera, instead of on a hook

Fishwatching is designed to retain many of the qualities of traditional angling: spending time outdoors by the water; chatting with fellow anglers and fishwatchers nearby; tinkering with the fishing gear; learning about the local ecosystem in order to predict the location and behaviour of the fish; the suspense in waiting for a bite; the tiny triumph of a catch – while causing less direct harm to the fish.

In this free workshop, we spend an hour at Ön in Limhamn fishwatching for garfish (horngädda). Then we have lunch (included) while we review our footage and spin tales about our best catches.

Experienced anglers are especially encouraged to join!

This workshops allows only a small number of participants.
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Malmö: Fishwatching

Erik Sandelin